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AN42B-17A EYE BOLTS (10-32 THREAD | 3/16 SHANK)

AN42B-17A EYE BOLTS (10-32 THREAD | 3/16 SHANK)

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1-7/8 1-1/2 AN42B-17A

 Shank 3/16" Hole 3/16" Thread 10-32.

Special purpose bolts to be used where external tension loads are to be applied. The eye is designed for attachment of such devices as a turnbuckle fork, a clevis or a cable shackle. Manufactured and plated in same manner as AN3 - AN8 bolts . Minimum tensile strength 125, 000 PSI . 

May be used to make the hinges on the affordaplane main wing trailing edge aileron attach point, use with AN364-1032 Nylock Nuts, MS20392-2C11 clevis pinAN960-10 washer and cotter pin.  (8 needed)

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