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Affordaplane Store

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Dave ,Terry and the Affordaplane

Thank you for visiting the Affordaplane store, Our mission is to promote ultralight aviation and provide aircraft grade hardware and accessories for the Affordaplane and simular aircraft. We also have a selection of novity merchandise for discerning pilots and builders. The Affordaplane is a single engine, plans built aircraft that can be built to US FAR part 103. Designed by Dave Edwards, it is intended for amateur construction and can be built out of readily sourced materials using common tools in 150 to 200 hours. There are hundreds of compleated aircraft world wide, many of which can be seen on Daves website listed below and also from a menu link to the left of this page. Dave Edwards has been selling his plans for over two decades and providing updates regularly. He is a very kind hearted individual that has aviation coursing through his veins. I had the oppertunity to meet Dave at Sun n Fun after building my Affordaplane and what an experience it was, We have since become friends and talk frequently about the plane, the community and the future. The Affordaplane has grown to be one of the most popular starter planes for the first time builder with several magazine articles published as well as a video build series by Jon Croke on youtube. Be sure to check back regularly as we frequently add more product to the site as we continue to grow. To build your own Affordaplane, Check out and come back here to stock up on building supplies.

By:Terry Adair

Thanks for visiting the Affordaplane store and check back often as we we be adding more product as we grow. If you would like to build your own Affordaplane, Go check out for the plans. Blue skies to all.


Jim Bergman Terry Adair I am about to order some from you next paycheck. You have been great to me so I will be patient. Thanks for all you do to help others on this journey.

Jim Bergman

Keep these going please Terry? Budget not ready, but I am working on it.

Mornay Rautenbachname

This is a great cup, not at all like the cheap tourist mugs you find nearly everywhere. The finish is smooth with no rough edges, the logo and illustrations are crisp and clear, and it has not been affected at all by the dishwasher. Shipping was very quick as well! This would make a great gift for Christmas to yourself.

Scott Sword

First cup here too. The coffee tastes better in this mug somehow!

Jason Woodford

 I bought a pair of those sunglasses Terry is selling and they came today. I like 'em!!They weigh about the same as my old AO's, and except for the ear pieces being black, they look the same. The earpieces are kind of rubbery, so they stay on a bit better than the AO's.Excellent guarantee -- free replacement, no questions asked, they say.They come with a nifty storage bag, a cleaning cloth, and a nice little eyeglass screwdriver with a flat and a Phillips head. The screws holding the glasses together don't have enough of a slot for the screwdriver to get a bite, but with the guarantee, I don't think that's ever gonna be a problem. I'm very happy with them. And, NO, Terry didn't promise to be nice to me for writing this!!!

George Gilmore